Technical Coaching

Leverage our deep experience in a number of technologies. We can work with your team to help improve their core capabilities. Need feedback on technology and design decisions? We can help.

Are you starting a new application? Do you want feedback on your architectural choices? Contact us.

Agile Coaching

Considering Scrum or Kanban? Let us help you evaluate them. Need help accelerating your current agile process? Talk to us.

Do you feel like your team could move faster, but you're not sure how? Let us assess your current process and present suggestions on how to accelerate your existing software development team. Use accepted techniques that do not tax your team members — work smarter, not harder.

Hands-on Development

Need to get more done? Increase your development capacity by extend your existing team with one or more of our developers.

Building a new product? Hire us to build the prototype or the first version. We can continue development on future versions, or transition development to your internal team. We have experience with the entire product development process.

Building line-of-business, enterprise, or corporate software? With many years of experience in this area, we can help you move your internal development efforts forward — faster.

C#, TypeScript, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, Cucumber, CoffeeScript? Yes.

Languages & Tools

UI test automation

Do you have one or more existing apps which do not have automated tests? Don't feel bad, you are not alone. How confident are you that new features won't break existing ones? Improve the quality of your software releases using an automated test suite. We can help you develop tests which will increase your confidence in new releases. If you are building a brand new app, you're in a great position to benefit from automated UI tests as well.

Automated UI tests are a key aspect of our development process. As such we've perfected our test development craft. Get the benefits of automated UI tests — without the pain. Our test development methodology solves common problems developers have when implementing UI automation. No more fragile tests. No more slow tests. No more random failures. Whether you need help automating tests for a new or existing application, we can help.

C# & .NET

.NET — a proven platform and also one that continues to advance.

Building a new app? Let us help you leverage the latest innovations in the .NET ecosystem. Do you have one or more existing .NET apps? Move them forward with our help.

We focus our efforts in .NET on API development. Use APIs to expose your legacy data and applications to new internal applications, business partners, and mobile apps. Talk to us about how APIs can solve your problems.

Xamarin Mobile Development

The promise of developing for multiple mobile platforms is a reality. Xamarin is a toolset that allows for fast, cross-device development. Leverage fantastic third party code to accelerate development of quality mobile apps. Build your apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Let us help.

Ruby on Rails, or just Ruby

A product developer's dream. Enterprises have also seen its value. Rapid and flexible development. Quickly build business applications. Develop APIs rapidly. With many years of experience, we have a wealth of knowledge to draw on. Let us help you build your next Rails app or API.

The Ruby world is much bigger than Rails. If you need help with Ruby development outside of Rails, we're happy to lend a hand.

Contact Us

We would love to discuss your software development goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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